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Upgrade Database Command

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If an upgrade includes changes or additions to the structure of the shared database you may need to perform a database upgrade. The instructions accompanying the upgrade will tell you if this is necessary (see also the Upgrading PRS section of this manual).


The database upgrade uses a database structure template for upgrading the shared database, the upgrade temple is installed by the PRS Data Setup wizard. Not all PRS upgrades require a database upgrade, do so only if explicitly requested in the upgrade instructions.


Before performing a database upgrade (using the PRSMon Tools->Upgrade Database... menu command) you must first unset the current database password (if set) using the PRSMon Tools->Set/Unset Database Password... menu command. Once you've completed the database upgrade you can set the password again.


The pre-upgrade database is not deleted and will be renamed to prs_data_upgraded_to_<nnn>.mdb where <nnn> is the version number that's being upgraded too.