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Upgrading PRS Shared Data

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You only need to perform this procedure once (you don't need to do it for each PC):


1.Go to a PC that has a PRS Client installed.
2.Insert your PRS CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive, this will automatically start the PRS Setup Menu program.
3.Click the Install Shared PRS Data Files button and follow the instructions of the PRS Data Setup Wizard. Make sure you set the destination directory to the location of the shared PRS data folder. If you don't know the location of the shared data folder open a PRS client and look in the Options dialog box (run the Tools->Options... menu command).


This procedure will not overwrite existing PRS data, just the shared documentation and support files.


If the new PRS Shared Data version includes changes or additions to the structure of the shared database you will also need to perform a database upgrade using the PRSMon Upgrade Database Command. The instructions accompanying the upgrade will tell you if this is necessary.