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Web Index Categorisation

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In addition to a separate web page for each vacancy the PRS creates vacancy index pages — short form vacancy lists linked to the individual vacancy pages. Index pages allow you to categorise vacancies on your web site. The PRS can be configured to categorise vacancies three different ways:


1.Separate indexes for permanent and contract vacancies (this is the default categorisation).
2.Two vacancy categories based on user defined vacancy Reference field codes.
3.Categorisation by occupation (a separate index for each occupation)



Items 1 and 2 are an either-or choice (you can't have both). Item 3 (categorisation by occupation) is available in addition to categorisation choice 1 or 2.
Categorisation by occupation is not enabled by default, to enable vacancy occupation index generation check the Generate occupation indexes option in the Vacancy Publication Options dialog (Tools->Vacancy Publication->Publication Options).