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Why is my PRS slow?

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PRS performance is primarily determined by:


The speed of the PC running the PRS Client (the PC you work from).
The performance of your local area network that connects the PRS client to your shared PRS database.
Other programs that may be hogging the PC and network resources.


The speed of you client PC will have a major impact on performance, aim for a 2.8GHz Pentium processor and 500MB of RAM (Windows XP) or 2GB RAM (Windows 7 and Windows Vista).


Use a 100Mbps or 1GBps wired local area network. Wireless networks do work but can be problematic — the actual throughput of a wireless network is typically a less than a third the advertised theoretical speed and slows even further when more wireless users are in the general vicinity. As with any radio system wireless networks are subject to interference which will generate network errors. A wired Ethernet local area network will always outperform a wireless network.


You must also disable the anti-virus program from scanning PRS files.


If you have large numbers of Notes and are finding the Notes Tool is sluggish you should consider archiving your old Notes.