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A wildcard character is a single character that can match zero, one or many characters. Here are the wildcards supported by PRS wildcard search fields:





Zero or more characters (any characters)


A single character


A single digit (0...9)


Many PRS report selection and find dialogs accept wildcard field names. For example if you search for a site name of Acme* any site name starting with Acme will be found. Here are some more wildcard examples:


Search for



All values starting with acc


All values containing xyz


All PRS searches are case insensitive i.e. upper and lower case letters are considered equal.


TIP: Tooltips will alert you if wildcards are accepted (hovering over a search field will popup a Tooltip if there is one).


TIP: To search for actual wildcard characters you must enclose them in square brackets e.g. to find Option #1 you would need to search for Option [#]1