End-to-end recruitment management and information system

PRS Training Videos

The PRS includes a Training Videos CD-ROM containing a selection of bite-sized, easy to assimilate videos to help you learn to use the PRS effectively. The Training Videos complement our more detailed written documentation (accessible from the PRS Help menu).

All you need to play the videos is a PC equipped with speakers running Microsoft Windows. Each video is a self executing file containing it’s own video player — you don’t need media playing software installed on your PC.

Online Selection

We’ve made a subset of the videos available online (the full selection menu can be found on the PRS Training Videos CD-ROM).

To download and run a video click on a title from the list below:

PRS Help Resources (3 minutes)

How to make effective use of the PRS Help resources.

Installing License Updates (3 minutes)

How to update your PRS licenses.

Installing Software Updates (3 minutes)

How to install the latest PRS Client software.